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April 9, 2024

Cainiao Group (Cainiao) —the logistics arm of Alibaba Group— has announced the expansion of its innovative 5 work-day delivery solution for AliExpress to key markets in Europe to boost cross-border e-commerce in the region.


Cainiao said these markets are Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.


"This strategic expansion comes as a response to the growing demand for faster and more reliable delivery services among European consumers," Cainiao said in a statement.


It noted that by leveraging Cainiao's advanced technology and extensive logistics network, AliExpress sellers in China will now be able to offer their customers in these markets a seamless delivery experience with a reduced delivery time of just five work days.


Cainiao first unveiled the solution in September 2023 in four European markets including Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, and Belgium, leveraging its infrastructures and capacities including the Cainiao Liege eHub and its self-operated local delivery service in Spain. The solution has recently expanded to Germany, France, and Portugal with close cooperation with local partners at every link of the logistics process.


"Europe remains a key focus for us as we continue to enhance our global logistics infrastructure and optimize delivery solutions for our customers," said Lin Wan, CEO of Cainiao Group. "The expansion of our 5 work-day delivery solution to these additional European markets reflects our commitment to providing faster and more efficient cross-border logistics services, ultimately delivering greater satisfaction to both sellers and consumers."


Cainiao continues to invest in technology and infrastructure to strengthen its position as a leading player in the global logistics industry. The expansion of its 5 work-day delivery solution in Europe marks another milestone in its mission to build a more connected and efficient global logistics network.

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