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June 11, 2024

The Panama Canal announced that effective July 11, it will increase the current number of daily transits from 32 to 33.


In an Advisory to Shipping, the canal — one of the busiest waterways in the world — said this number will increase to 34 as of July 22, following the current and projected level of Gatun Lake for the coming weeks and due to the arrival of the rainy season in the Panama Canal Watershed.


With these increases, by July 22, the Canal will have added two transits to the current schedule: one to the Panamax locks (raising the daily transits to 25) and one to the neopanamax locks (increasing daily transits to 9).


Additionally, an increase in draft from 45 to 46 feet was announced, effective June 15.


The Panama Canal said it continues to monitor weather conditions on a daily basis in order to implement the necessary operational actions in the event of increased rainfall in its watershed.

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