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July 3, 2024

Global shipping schedule reliability improved by 3.8 percentage points month-on-month (M/M) in May, marking its highest year-to-date level.


Sea Intelligence said in a new report that in May, shipping schedule reliability reached 55.8%.


It noted, however, that on a year-to-year (Y/Y) level, schedule reliability in May 2024 was 11.0 percentage points lower.


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"This is now the highest schedule reliability figure for 2024, and 1.2 percentage points higher than the previous highest figure of 54.6%," the Danish maritime data analysis company said.


Despite the improvement in schedule reliability, Sea Intelligence noted that the average delay for late vessel arrivals deteriorated, increasing by 0.34 days M/M to 5.10 days.


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"This figure is now inching closer to the pandemic highs than the pre-pandemic lows," the new analysis said, adding that on a Y/Y level, the May 2024 figure was 0.73 days higher. 


For the period, Sea Intelligence said CMA CGM was the most reliable top-13 carrier with schedule reliability of 57.1%.


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[Source: Sea-Intelligence]


Seven more carriers were above the 50% mark, and the remaining five carriers were in the 40%- 50% range.


Sea Intelligence noted that PIL was the least reliable carrier, with a schedule reliability of 44.5%.


Meanwhile, 10 of these carriers were able to record an M/M improvement in schedule reliability in May 2024, with Maersk and CMA CGM recording the highest improvement of 6.0 percentage points.


Wan Hai recorded the largest decline of -4.5 percentage points.


On a Y/Y level, none of the 13 carriers recorded an increase in schedule reliability, with 8 carriers recording double-digit Y/Y declines.

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